International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)


The International Centre for Migration Policy Development is an international organisation whose purpose is to promote innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies and to function as a service exchange mechanism for organisations and governments. The organisation has established a reputation for its research on international migration trends and patterns, as well as policies in the wider European context based on comparative analysis.


Martin Wagner

Martin Wagner is Senior Policy Advisor on asylum responsible for ICMPD’s asylum programme. He has a legal background, with a specialisation on international refugee, human rights and antidiscrimination law. He is an experienced trainer in the field of asylum, human rights and antidiscrimination for authorities and civil society actors working in the field of migration and asylum. His recent research is focused on solidarity and asylum responsibility sharing, temporary protection, the CEAS and the European Agenda on Migration, resettlement and complementary pathways to protection and questions related to access to protection in general. In CEASEVAL, Martin Wagner leads the involvement of ICMPD and in particular coordinates WP6 activities on Responsibility Sharing.

Albert Kraler

Albert Kraler is a Senior Researcher at ICMPD`s research department. A political scientist by training, his research has focused on a wide range of issues in the context of migration and asylum, including migration and crisis, irregular migration and regularisation, trafficking in human beings, and integration and integration policies. Recent research projects include a study investigating demand-side measures against trafficking (DemandAT, 2014-2017, and a DG Devco funded study on migrants in countries in crisis (2015-2017, In CEASEVAL, his research focuses on mechanisms of harmonization as part of WP2 (Regulatory Mechanisms) and responsibility sharing (WP6).

Paul Baumgartner

Paul Baumgartner is Policy Analyst in the ICMPD Policy Unit. With an economist background, he has acquired sound knowledge and experience in the field of migration research. His academic interests involve the economics of forced migration, asylum statistics and quantitative methods. He has contributed to ICMPD´s Competence Centre Asylum by drafting working papers on EU asylum policies for the ICMPD Member States Programme, featuring the analysis of asylum statistics and implications of proposed relocation and responsibility sharing mechanisms. Furthermore, he has participated in research activities on the qualifications and skills of asylum seekers in Austria and on asylum case law in several European countries. He is tasked with CEASEVAL research activities on responsibility sharing and solidarity.

Jimy Perumadan

Jimy Perumadan is Junior Researcher at ICMPD. She has specialized on international migration law and international labour law & human rights. She has been involved in several research projects on EU asylum law, medical country of origin information and EU anti-trafficking policy. In particular, she conducted research on the implementation of the Common European Asylum System in a study commissioned by the European Parliament and on labour exploitation and trafficking in the FP7 research project DemandAT (EC DG Research). Her research interest lies in EU and national asylum law and labour & human rights. She is involved in the empirical data collection and analysis for WP2 (Regulatory Mechanisms) and WP6 (Responsibility Sharing).